The best way if you're going for the most organic traffic possible

Based on years of experience, thousands of orders and continuously keyword analyzing, we have this special service to boost any keyword, in any country to a specific spot in the search list.

Prices are being calculated based on the search volume, a specific keyword has, in the given country. Where US often is the most expensive one, and cheaper countries being e.g. India.

Got problems finding what keywords your app could benefit from? Take a look at our Keyword Analyzing service.

The information we need in order to give you a price quote:

  • The Keyword or Keywords (for multiple pricing quotes)

  • The Country or Countries (for multiple pricing quotes)

  • What rank you want to achieve (everything from top 50 to top 1)

  • For how many days or months you want to stay within the given rank

In order to hear more about all of this, please don't hesitate to contact us on either our Live Chat, Skype or by Email, all of these can be found in the bottom of the page.

How we are going to achieve the rank:

  • Analyze and Prepare

    We will analyze the given keyword and country, to start out on the right food. No mistakes can be made in this business, and with our experience, we can assure you that we won't make mistakes.

  • Gradually increase the install quantity

    We can't guarantee how many install we're going to push to your app, but we will push a lot. It will all start out slowly, to not make any weird and big load of installs (which Apple would notice), and only rise until we hit the satisfied rank.

  • Keep on pushing

    No matter how many installs are needed per day, we got the user base to push that many, we'll keep on pushing more installs.

  • When we got you into the ranks

    When we've actually achieved the rank, we won't stop the installs, but maybe lower it a bit to make it look more organic, and then we'll keep on going until you've stayed there for the agreed days/months.

Very few requirements.

There's only some small requirements from your app, which is that the minimum supported iOS version should not be higher than 10.3, but it's recommended to be no higher than 10.0. Other than this, then your app just has to be ranked within top 1500 on the keyword that has to be top ranked (this should be easy achievable).