YES! All installs coming from our service is from Real Users, as using bots would hard your rank and maybe even get your app banned. We're only here to help.

Keyword promotion is the best option for your application as it’s the fastest way to become closer to your target user. It helps your application to grow up in rank for certain keywords quickly. People always searching and download the apps.

First of all, analyze your competitors. In 99% of cases, you are not the first to the market. Therefore, you will find a couple of competitors in the TOP; If you have no marketing ideas, just contact us we will help find the best keywords for you apps for free.

Keep daily package installs 300-500 to promote new apps from scratch and start ranking for keywords.Daily maximum quantity for package installs we suggest is 5000-10000 per day; (If you order too many installs per day, it can be risky).

In your personal cabinet you can check all the statistics. You can check how many installs were ordered, and how many installs were delivered. It is possible to check the difference in ranking (before/after) after each order. Also, you can check all delivered installs in official statistics in Google play console and App Store connect.

At the moment we have two options, which is by Credit card, or by using Paypal. Crypto and bank transfer also accepted, contact us for more payments options.